Thinkfast Review: Natural Brain Pill or Just Plant Byproducts?

ThinkFast ReviewAs part of this review of thinkfast, it is important to note that the brain supplement camp is divided on this nootropic supplement made by Futurebiotics. On one side, you have expert supplement takers who are impressed with the natural ingredients found in thinkfast. On the other side, you have scientists who are coming out and saying that thinkfast is nothing more than a pill stuffed with cheap plant byproducts. Who is right? We will determine the winner as part of this review.

Pure Natural Ingredients

There is one thing that each side agrees upon – thinkfast has nothing except natural ingredients. This is proven by a look at the ingredient label. thinkfast contains acacia heartwood, Chinese skullcap root extract, bark extract, ginkgo biloba, soy, and rice extract. All of these natural ingredients are used in medicinal treatments and herbal medicine, so it makes sense that they would be in an all natural pill like thinkfast. While the presence of these natural ingredients makes thinkfast an excellent choice as a cognitive enhancer, it also brings it under scrutiny.

Futurebiotics’ thinkfast has been written about in a negative way online, so it is important to analyze these comments before purchasing this supplement. A majority of the comments reported that thinkfast is good as a booster to memory recall and retention, but it does not offer much else in the way of brain benefits.

Final Thoughts

thinkfast has been shown to help increase memory, but not much else. thinkfast costs $32.95 for a 30 day supply. Critics of thinkfast have correctly pointed out that this supplement contains powdered filler material such as soybean and rice byproducts. These substances have no value in the nootropics realm, and are actually waste products from the food manufacturing process. As a result, we do not recommend thinkfast, as it contains few beneficial ingredients and a lot of filler.