Quicker Decision-Making = Better Decisions

Quicker Decision-Making = Better DecisionsOften times, we take quite a while when deciding on life-changing decisions, which house you’re going to get, if you’ll be getting the Ford or the Chevy, committing yourself to one for the next few years.

However, a lot of times, this transfers and carries on into trivial decisions, like whether to get that ham and cheese or tuna sandwich, or whether you’ll be eating out or going bowling with the girlfriend.

This often leads to the question, “what do you think?” and “are you sure?” going back and forth between you and her, ultimately leading to a decision you – or her – already subconsciously decided in the first place.

What’s troubling about this is that you’re actually causing a series of reactions in your brain, where you’re second-guessing itself quite a lot of times.

However, what’s even more troubling than that is the fact that you’re allowing your brain to get used to this sort of behaviour – second-guessing yourself.

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This will lead to a lot of wasted time in a lot of areas in your life: at home, at work, shopping, and other areas. My dad, for example, when he went shopping for shoes, he’d take hours upon hours deciding whether he wanted the black one or the brown one.

This would drive everyone extremely mad, to the point they made excuses whenever he wanted to go the mall to buy something for himself.

However, where this takes a toll on you the most is when you’re forced to make quick, millisecond decisions that might actually be the matter between life-or-death.

Such decisions like when you’re crossing the road, when a speeding car starts honking its horn at you.

Would you really want to have had your brain second-guessing your decision to move out of the way? I certainly hope not.

To this, you might want to take some steps towards being able to make quicker decisions.

First of all, when making decisions, ask yourself only twice: make the decision, and ask yourself “are you sure?”

If your instincts say yes, go for it. If not, don’t. Simple.

This will not only train your brain to make decisions quickly, but also better.

When your brain is trained that you’ll be making decisions extremely quickly, whilst having to deal with all repercussions of that decision, your brain will make better decisions faster.

So are you going to start making quicker decisions or not? Think fast.

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