Nootropil Review

NootropilContrary to what most people believe, it was Nootropil, and not Adderall, that started the whole industry of brain enhancers. It was the first brain enhancer out there – which fathered the name nootropic, which so many brain enhancers today adopt. It is the father of nootropics. It’s been around longer than the big three industry leaders combined. It has quite a following, but its numbers have sadly not seen the heights of Adderall and the likes.

A 50-Year-Old Formula

Due to its age, Nootropil has a formula that is half a century old. You can look at that in two ways. You can say that they’re pretty old, and therefore, not so good anymore. However, another way that you can look at it is that Nootropil has existed for such a long time, that the fact that it is still being bought today, and that it still has a growing following that it must be doing something right. There wouldn’t be any other reason to why it still exists today. If you Google search Nootropil, you’ll be glad to find a number of online forums attesting to its excellence.

Is it Still Relevant?

A question most commonly asked is whether or not Nootropil is still relevant today. To this, we’ll have to say that it is – there’s no reason to say otherwise. The fact that it’s still around is a testament to its success.

As a nootropic, though, it isn’t exactly similar to other products that have also adopted the name that you see in the industry today. One reason for this is its formula. Nootropil contains one ingredient: Piracetam. In contrast, most nootropics out there contain anywhere between 5 to almost 100 ingredients. Some are more effective than others, but they all try to do the job of enhancing function in the brain.

It might be said that their one ingredient isn’t simply enough, but think about the amount of potency a single 800mg ingredient has, as opposed to 8 that are 100mg each?

Completely Relevant

Yes, Nootropil is still completely relevant. It’s effective at what it does: boost focus, while enhancing memory. This is what a nootropic does in its purest sense, anyway. Although other companies claim to have more effects, can it really compete with a formula that is as potent as this? Sure, some ingredients are newer and have better applications. However, in this sense, Nootropil, despite its age, is still completely relevant, and arguably better than other products out there.

Despite its age, it is still completely relevant.