Neuro1 Review: A Powdered Nootropic from a Former NFL Super Bowl Champion

Neuro 1 ReviewIt is not everyday that a cognitive enhancer gets started by a 4-time NFL Super Bowl champion like the polarizing Bill Romanowksi. Romanowski was a hard-core player, having broken the jaw of a quarterback during a preseason game, injuring one of his own teammates for getting in his way, and even ending the career of another teammate during a scrimmage game when he sucker-punched him in the eye.

Romanowski was no bench warmer – he was the real deal.

After he retired from professional play about 10 years ago, Romanowski started Nutrition 53, his supplement company, named after the number of his NFL jersey.

Nutrition 53 makes a variety of supplements, ranging from nutritional vegetable powders to cognitive enhancers like Neuro1, the nootropic substance we are reviewing today.

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What’s Inside

Putting its eccentric founder aside for a moment, we want to delve straight into the core of Neuro1 to see what makes it work.

The first thing to notice that makes Neuro1 different than other nootropic supplements is that Neuro1 is in powder form instead of pill form.

This can be a benefit or a detriment, depending on the customer.

Those who are tired of swallowing 2-3 pills per day may find the powder format easier to take.

However, several customers have reported that they found the taste of Neuro1 to be far less than delicious.

We believe that function is more important than flavour, so we will overlook this.

Neuro1 markets a proprietary blend as the bulk of the formula, composed of piracetam, taurine, L-tyrosine, inositol, bacopa, and coenzyme Q10, just to name a few of its ingredients.

Just like its founder, the ingredients that make up Neuro1 are substantial. They work.

The Verdict

Usually we ignore “proprietary blends” that supplement makers tout, but the blend that makes up the bulk of Neuro1 has real ingredients in significant quantities that will produce real results.

Most people who have tried Neuro1 have written about the instant mental benefits received from taking this supplement. Sharper focus, increased memory, and an overall greater drive to get things done are all common benefits received from taking Neuro1.

While not as good as some of the other supplements we have reviewed, at $38.48 for a 2-lb tub (30 servings), Neuro1 is a  good choice (and one of our recommended supplements) for those who dislike taking pills.

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