Neuro-Maxx Review: A Mood-Enhancing Multivitamin

Neuro-Maxx-ReviewHere is another review of brain supplements and nootropics for the site. We have been going through various nootropics and focus drugs to find the best one, and we wanted to document it for anyone else out there who is going through the same process. It can be difficult to make the right decision, but it really just takes trial-and-error. So far, Nitrovit has been our favorite, but we are continuing on, looking for others. The next up on the list is Neuro-Maxx, which is sort of a super vitamin.

Neuro-Maxx is sold under the brand of Dr. Venessa, and it can be found on the company’s own website store, Max Wellness, or on other e-retailers like Amazon or VitaCost. Neuro-Maxx is being marketed to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, while also helping the brain by improving memory and concentration. The ingredients include the following:

–   Thiamin
–   GABA
–   Magnesium
–   Vitamin B12
–   Vitamin B6
–   Niacin
–   5-HTP
–   Ginkgo

There are other similar ingredients in this vitamin, but they all are supposed to help with memory and focus.

We really have to say that Neuro-Maxx is a little different than other supplements, vitamins, and nootropics. Neuro-Maxx contains certain nootropic substances, which are just natural chemicals that have been shown to help brain functioning. However, a large bulk of Neuro-Maxx is just Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. These vitamins have also been shown to help with certain mental functioning, but they would not be considered groundbreaking or especially notable. Neuro-Maxx does succeed in putting together a good daily multi-vitamin with some nootropics substances.

Neuro-Maxx definitely has some nootropic ingredients as well. In this case, we just really feel that the way they allocated the dosages in Neuro-Maxx was just a bit off and could have been done a lot better.

Neuro-Maxx vs. Stronger Nootropics

We really can’t deny the fact that Neuro-Maxx has good ingredients. However, we are not looking for just another multi-vitamin that has some nootropic benefits. We want something that we can take and feel more focused, allowing optimum levels of work. Unfortunately, Neuro-Maxx does not do that all too well.In our tests, what we were really able to feel was a vast increase in mood and an overall better more positive outlook. We really also felt very relaxed and overall just… healthier. It’s a very strange, but equally great feeling, and we attribute this mostly to the hefty amounts of multivitamins in Neuro-Maxx.

In addition, we also felt some noticeable increases in our abilities to focus and also in our working memory. With the both of these combined, it was easy to see how much more productive we could be. We did feel that Neuro-Maxx was not as effective as some more potent nootropics we’ve tried though.
Nevertheless, one great thing we’ve found from our experiences with Neuro-Maxx was that there were absolutely no side effects experienced – which is pretty important.

Lack of Information?

Another thing that we noticed in Neuro-Maxx’s website was the lack of any substantial amount of information detailing how it really works. All there is available is the bare minimum, simply telling you get from Neuro-Maxx and what it is. There is no clear scientific studies behind this, and not even a “how it works”. When using supplements that can affect the way our brains work, I would imagine most people would want to know more information – and this is a trend that we have been noticing in many other sites as well.


Neuro-Maxx is basically a multi-vitamin with extra stuff added in. It is good for you if you are not getting these vitamins from the food you eat every day. However, Neuro-Maxx does not give the reliable kick of extra focus or mental power that so many others do. The racetam family of nootropics is an obvious choice for that, or for a more natural approach, Nitrovit or Alpha Brain seems to be pretty good.

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