Master Review: A Brain Enhancing Nootropic Developed with Musicians in mind!

The manufacturers behind Master are a company called Noosician who by all accounts are very different to most Nootropics companies.

This is because Noosician develops Nootropics that will benefit Musicians by helping you win the fight against stage fright and enhance your performance.

It’s refreshing to see a Nootropic that has been developed for a group of people and is not just another ‘Brain Enhancer’ that’s been made for the masses, solely to optimise profits.

However, with Noosician claiming Master can improve your learning capabilities, memory and focus I see no reason why musicians need to be the only ones taking advantage of Master.

Is this new Nootropic possibly the Master of all Brain Enhancers?

What is the Brain Enhancer, Master?

Master is seemingly the top Nootropic developed for musicians currently.

Its simply the big fish in a small pond because very few companies have dared to venture into Nootropics for musicians.

A youn music student playing his guitar

But even with little comparisons to make, it is clear to see Noosician have got it right.

If I was to compare it to another Brain Enhancer that isn’t targeted at musicians, I’d compare it to Nitrovit or lucidal.

Yes, I’m that impressed by Master!

Noosician have cut no corners from taking the Master formula from only the private use of the now CEO all the way to the American Nootropic market.

As Master and all Noosician products are made in an FDA registered facility that is compliant to GMP rules.

Meaning master is manufactured and produced at the highest possible clinical and scientific standards.

What are Master’s Effects?

Noosicians Master can Improve your memory, focus and learning capabilities.

Which allows musicians to learn music, stay focused on stage and remember lyrics.

Master also helps you stay at your best mentally throughout the day, fully focused.

The added bonus of Master is it helps defend the brain from oxidising stress.

What are the Ingredients of Master?

Master’s formula includes 40 of the finest scientifically researched ingredients that have been selected to create what musician must believe is the master of all formulas.

Master memory supplement fact sheet


Choline is an ingredient I’d like to highlight due to recent studies showing that choline is an under consumed nutrient.

The study concluded its extremely difficult to consume enough in your diet without eating eggs or using supplements.

A poached egg on a slate

Click here for this study…

With choline being an important chemical, you should now more than ever actively seek it in your Nootropics.

As choline increases the speed and release of acetylcholine in the brain.

Acetylcholine are neurotransmitters that transport signals between your brain’s neurons.

Meaning they have a massive role in your memory function and learning.

Choline is used in medical conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Green Tea Extract

An ingredient that justifies Masters claims of helping the brain defend against oxidizing stress.

Green tea is believed to combat oxidisation because it contains antioxidants.

Because of its properties it believed to help slow the rate of mental decline due to ageing.

The saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks aren’t entirely true.

As Green tea slows your mental decline it allows you to continue to learn and remember things.

Green tea extract powder


Bacopa is a plant that is no stranger to traditional medicine.

But is regularly used to treat Alzheimer’s and to improve memory.

Bacopa is also used to help treat anxiety with stage freight being caused by anxiety I have no doubt that the bacopa in Master should help calm your nerves before a performance.

Bacopa flowers

Master dosage instructions

It is recommended that you consume 3 capsules per day.

Your daily consumption will be 1038mg per day.

Keep it simple by taking one before or after each meal of the day.

You can take 3 capsules each day for 7 days a week as breaks are not necessary.

My experience with Master

I’m both equally an avid musician and avid Nootropic user so I know what makes a good Nootropic and I know what musicians would want from a Nootropic.

As a musician I want learning music to be easier and on the rare occasions I perform I would like to feel comfortable and focused on delivering one hell of a performance.

But as a Nootropic user I want increased focus and memory that will leave me performing at my best all day.

Day 1

Master took effect fast unlike many slow working Nootropics I have wasted money on in the past.

The capsule I took before breakfast, before my day really started quickly had me focussed.

Which was really great when I turned up to work.

I was focussed and ready.

A man smiling at his computer at work

By the time lunch came around my focus was dwindling maybe not being as productive as possible.

But the capsule I took at lunch was a massive pick me up and I found that focus and concentration I felt in the morning return.

The effects are really at their optimum around an hour of consumption I discovered.

When I got home after work, I took my final capsule of the day and quickly got to work learning some of my own music.

(I’m a singer song writer)

For the first hour learning my music was really easy I was remembering my lyrics.

After that first hour I expected a drop in my learning capabilities but I believe towards the end of the day the effects levelled out and started to have long lasting effects.

So well into the evening I felt the effects of Master.

Day 5

I’m going to fast forward to my day 5 experience with master as really my week shot by which was great because I was just like the claims of Master stated performing at my best all week.

However, day 5 I felt some of the potential side effects of headaches and stomach pains I believe caused by the high dosages.

Having said that though all side effects were very mild.

The rest of my experience with Master

And as the weeks went by, I remained focused and started to notice memory improvement and learning only grew easier.

I even performed at a friend’s bar and was only a little nervous.

I think Noosician may have intentionally or not developed a master formula for both musicians and Nootropic users.

What are the potential Side Effects form Master?

Master seems to be a very safe Nootropic however the formula does involve many ingredients and a high daily dosage.

So, there are definitely potential side effects that include headaches, stomach aches and even dizziness.

Where can I buy Master?

You can purchase Master at the official Noosician website.

Noosician is currently only sold on their website.

The price of a month’s supply of Master is only $49.

And comes with a one-year guarantee.

Master is also sold in multipacks.

Our Final thoughts after Our Master Review

This supplement is the Master of all comparative Nootropics!

I think of Master having 3 facets.

The first being it is a powerful Nootropic for musicians.

The second being its equally as powerful and effective for Nootropic users.

And finally it is an excellent step in the direction of arming and protecting your brain from mental decline.

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