Laughter Reduces Memory Loss

Laughter Reduces Memory LossAs people age, memory becomes a problem – actually, no – a lot of things become problems. However, one of the things most often associated with age is the onset of memory degradation, as well as the degradation of cognitive processes. This is why there has become a recent rise in products and a market that directly tackles this problems. Anti-memory loss pills are existent on the internet, as well as cognitive enhancers which claim to boost brain power while protecting against age-related brain disorders.

We’re not saying that these products don’t work. If you look on the internet, you’re actually going to find quite a few interesting studies on the efficacy of such products. However, whether you do order these pills or not, you might benefit from knowing that laughter actually aids against the brain’s degradation over time – specifically, memory.

According to a new study from Loma Linda University, laughter results in a reduction of cortisol, a chemical commonly known for stress. What it does is that it causes a decrease of the cells and neurons in the hippocampus, which ultimately cause worse memory. With the reduction of cortisol due to laughter, memory is improved.

However, this isn’t the only thing that laughter does. Just simply laughing increases the pleasure and motivation hormones in the brain – endorphins and dopamine. Additionally, laughter also helps aid the immune system in fighting diseases (age-related disease? Yes.).

This, of course comes down to being an overall happier person anyway. If you’re happier overall, you’ll be better in a better mood all the time, with less stress and more laughter. Take this to heart and if you’re finding that you’re grumpy all the time, it might be great for you to take on a new outlook in life. In a few decades, you’ll thank yourself for it. Otherwise, you might not even remember to do so (obviously bad attempt on a joke).

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