Intelectol Review: An Expensive Re-Branding of Vinpocetine

Intelectol reviewIntelectol, made by Memory Secret, is a brain supplement that relies on the active ingredient vinpocetine for its potency. There is much research surrounding vinpocetine and its effects on memory and cognitive functioning, most of it very positive and promising. A substantial study carried out in the US in 2009 by researchers Nyakas, Felszeghy, Szabo, Keijser, Luiten, Szombathelyi, and Tihanyi entitled “Neuroprotective Effects of Vinpocetine…” showed that moderate doses of vinpocetine protected the brains of rats plagued by brain issues. In fact, the mental abilities of the rats after being given vinpocetine showed vast improvement in their abilities to complete certain puzzles and challenges that scientists use to quantify research results. Vinpocetine not only protected the brain from further damage, but it improved the current brain functioning so that those administered vinpocetine performed better than they did before taking vinpocetine.

An Alternative Source

There are dozens of similar studies done to show the positive effects of vinpocetine on the brain. Does this mean that you should rush out and buy a bottle of Intelectol? While we can confirm Intelectol works, especially as a memory aid, vinpocetine can be found for a far lower price than Intelectol. Intelectol currently sells for $69.00 for a 30-day supply (100 pills). It is a good solution for anti-aging and memory repair, but Intelectol is quite expensive when compared to other supplements containing vinpocetine. We strongly suggest you start taking a supplement that contains vinpocetine so that you can benefit from the positive effects of this nootropic substance. However, a simple search online or at your local supplement supplier will show you plentiful options for a straight vinpocetine supplement.

If you are looking for a supplement that features vinpocetine but has some of the more modern nootropic substances, read through the reviews on this site. As more attention and funding have been devoted to brain enhancement, a new series of cutting-edge products have come out, which may be a better choice.