Focus XT Review: Another Powdered Brain Booster

SNS Focus XT ReviewFocus XT is a cognitive enhancing formula in powder form sold online and in nutrition shops across the United States. Made by SNS, Focus XT offers 30 servings in each tub of powder, which costs $39.95, placing it in the middle of the price range for similar nootropic supplements.

The Formula

Overall, Focus XT passes our rigid examinations of its formula. The main active ingredients present in Focus XT are huperzine A, vinpocetine, L-tyrosine, choline, and caffeine. From looking at this ingredient list and reading through actual user reviews, it is clear what sort of supplement Focus XT really is. Focus XT’s formula is heavy on substances with short-term effects. The two ingredients that really stand out are caffeine and vinpocetine.

Most people are familiar with the effects of caffeine due to their experience with coffee, tea, carbonated sodas, and chocolate. The effects of caffeine are widely-lauded, and people who consume caffeine (in the right quantities) love its boosting power to energy, focus, and concentration. However, many of these caffeine junkies have become de-sensitized to the effects of caffeine and now require something else to increase focus and concentration.

For those who no longer enjoy the instant boost to focus and concentration that they once did from caffeine, vinpocetine offers an interesting alternative. Vinpocetine is a fairly new semi-synthetic substance that has only been around for less than 50 years. It is sold as a pharmaceutical in Eastern Europe, but has not been approved as a prescription pill in the United States. Instead, supplement makers can include it in cognitive enhancers and nootropic supplements. The boost to blood flow in the brain is what makes vinpocetine a desirable active ingredient to have in Focus XT.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Focus XT ticks all the boxes on our critical review of the supplement. It provides short-term boosts in focus and clarity, but it does not have any noticeable “building” effect on long-term cognitive abilities. Like Neuro1, we recommend Focus XT for people who prefer powdered supplements and are looking for short-term increases in focus and concentration.