Focus Power Review: A Mood Booster Lacking Anything Special

Focus Power ReviewWe occasionally come across cognitive supplements that seem to have been under-engineered, being made from ingredients that have no proven scientific evidence to show that they increase focus, concentration, or other mental abilities. Focus Power is one such supplement. We cannot ignore the branding similarities with Focus Boost, a very popular cognitive enhancer that made its way onto supermarket shelves in the US. While Focus Boost contains certain ingredients known to promote mental focus and clarity, Focus Power does not. A close examination of the ingredients reveals this truth.

Amazon Only

The maker of Focus Power is a company called Organix Labs, which makes only Focus Power and a sexual enhancement pill. Organix Labs does not even have its own dedicated check-out system for e-commerce, which left us wondering whether Organix Labs is a legitimate company or not. Instead of being able to purchase Focus Power through the website, people are redirected to Amazon. On Amazon, there was only one review for Focus Power, and this glowing account contained a full 5-star rating for the product.

The website contains only a brief smattering of information about the ingredients in Focus Power, which seem to include DMAE, vinpocetine, bacopa, and PS. If Focus Power really contains these ingredients, they are included in only trace quantities, undetectable to the human brain.

Focus Power can be bought only through Amazon. At the time of publishing, it cost $26.97 for a 60-day supply. This makes Focus Power one of the cheapest supplements on our list.

DMAE Warning

DMAE, also known as 2-dimethyl aminoethanol, is considered as somewhat safe by health authorities in the US. There are severe side effects associated with oral consumption of DMAE, including depression, increased blood pressure, twitching, and constipation. In addition, any pre-existing conditions have their side effects amplified by DMAE, so Focus Power is not recommended for anyone who has a pre-existing medical condition.

Focus Power Lacks Power

There are some good natural ingredients in Focus Power, but the lack of a legitimate web presence and the dubious ingredient listing for the supplement do not allow us to recommend this supplement for use. At best, Focus Power is a mood booster that will give you improved mood, much like eating a chocolate bar will. At worst, you could suffer from uncomfortable side effects.