CILTEP Review: A Novel Approach to Nootropics

Ciltep ReviewWhen we first came across CILTEP, we were impressed with its maker’s novel approach to producing a brain supplement. Most supplements push vinpocetine, choline, or piracetam as the main active ingredients, because these ingredients work if they are blended effectively. However, Natural Stacks, the company that makes CILTEP, decided to take a different approach to nootropics. They focused on a few key ingredients that have been overlooked; namely, artichoke extract and forskolin.

Super Vegetable

Artichoke extract is an interesting ingredient that is in the formula mainly because it inhibits PDE4. Inhibition of PDE4 brings about increased wakefulness, focus, and mental clarity. Interestingly, artichoke has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years, and the various parts of the plant can be used as food or as an herbal medicine. For this purpose, people around the world use artichoke to make tea, extracts, and supplements. In the US, artichoke is mainly used as a food or dip, which means that most Americans are aware of artichoke. In addition, artichokes have one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of any plant in the world, making artichoke something of a super vegetable.

Effective Nootropics

Mixing a super vegetable like artichoke together with effective nootropics makes for an effective stack. CILTEP contains just a few choice ingredients to round out the stack. These are vitamin B6, forskolin root extract, acetyl-l-carnitine, and l-phenylalanine. The makers of CILTEP had the right idea when they designed this supplement. They included only a few ingredients, but they chose effective ones. Instead of trying to “wow” customers with 50 ingredients packed into one pill, CILTEP has just 5 active ingredients.

A Recommended Solution

At $42.99 for a 20-day supply (60 pills), CILTEP is a good value, considering the positive effects it has on those who take it. Artichoke extract pills are part of an up-and-coming segment of smart pills, promoted by people like Tim Ferriss, and CILTEP has developed an excellent stack based on this extract. The only thing lacking in CILTEP is the supplement’s lack of a stimulant. Many nootropic supplements include a stimulant like caffeine to provide an instant boost. Those taking CILTEP should consider taking a separate caffeine supplement to provide the short-term focus that CILTEP does not.