Calm PRT Review: an Expensive Relaxant

Calm-PRT-ReviewHere is another one of our reviews for focus formulas, brain pills, and nootropics – this one for Calm PRT.

This journey has led us to some interesting natural alternatives to standard drugs that many people are taking.

Today, we are reviewing our experiences with Calm-PRT, which funny enough, actually comes from a brand called NeuroScience – a very bold statement in itself.

NeuroScience actually has a whole range of many different brain enhancing supplements that all affect the brain a little differently – some increasing dopamine production, some for overall brain nutrition, and some for managing stress.

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Calm PRT is basically a formula that consists of Rhodiola Rosea (rose root), Phosphatidylserine, Glycine, and Taurine, along with some filler material. We haven’t yet tried a rose root supplement before, so needless to say, we were all a little eager to try Calm-PRT.

In many studies, Rose Root has really shown being able to help with depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even stress – which we believe, when combined with the proper nootropics, can actually give a very soothing experience.

The other ingredients, on the other hand, we are a lot more familiar with. We’ve tried quite a number of supplements including Phosphatidylserine, for example, which is a great nootropic ingredient for improving focus, clarity, and problem-solving abilities.

This sort of herbal supplement is just meant to calm one’s anxiety and make them more focused that way.

We believe it is a great natural solution to pharmaceutical drugs that do the same thing.

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Does Calm-PRT Work Well?

Calm-PRT has an undisclosed amount of rose root.

We do not know why the makers of Calm-PRT, a company called NeuroScience, did not disclose the amount of this somewhat rare extract. Clinical studies have shown that moderate amounts of Calm-PRT can increase the lifespan of certain insects and also cause positive results in the brains of rats.

The rose root plant is found in the mountain regions of North America, Europe, and parts of Asia.

It is a special plant that does have positive medical benefits for those who take it.

We tested Calm-PRT for a whole month and a half, and for us, Calm-PRT did not really work as well as we expected it to.

It really did have some calming effects, but in this case, it seemed like it did not help at all in allowing us to get things done.

Sure, there were some positive effects on mood and even in our general outlooks and mindsets. However, that still did not make up for the fact that Calm-PRT was a pretty weak cognitive enhancer.

We definitely would have preferred a more potent supplement that actually allows us to get honed in with a “get things done” attitude, and really supercharge our productivity.

For the price ($68 per bottle), we honestly did not see how this supplement was worth the money.

There are a lot of better solutions out there that work a lot better than Calm PRT for a cheaper price. A lot of people just take St. John’s Wort for this purpose, and this is what I would recommend as well.

Calm-PRT is just too expensive, and the positive effects are just too little.

I am sure this review would sound a lot different if the supplement was offered for a third of the price it is now, but we cannot really recommend it at its current market offering.

Summary of Calm-PRT

Overall, we believe Calm PRT was a pretty expensive relaxant.

To be frank, it had all the ingredients needed to potentially become a really good brain enhancing supplement, but it did have a few problems.

Of course, we aren’t able to completely verify this since there weren’t any precise dosages available in their supplement facts label, but we believe the following to be true.

The ingredients that caused a calming, relaxing effect way overpowered the ingredients that actually did something for the brain.

We would have definitely preferred it more if its effects on cognitive abilities were a lot more potent.

On top of that, we believe that the price offering on Calm PRT was just completely ludicrous and unwarranted.

The story would have definitely been different if it had better brain enhancing effects or a cheaper price.

However, at its current price, we can’t completely recommend it.

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