Brain Bright by BioTrust Review: Not The Best We’ve Seen

BrainBright Review, BrainBright, BioTrust by BrainBright

Can Brain Bright’s BioTrust live up to our reader’s expectations? Read on to find out….

BioTrust believes that our mental function has been compromised over the years through 3 things: lack of nutrients, decreased blood flow and exposure to things that, although out of control, are damaging and should be avoided i.e. overuse of cell phones that emit radiation, consumption of tap water (which contains fluoride). Based on these problems, they’ve created a formula that can reverse back the negative effects you’ve experienced and stop your brain from developing to be an old, laggy computer system. Did BioTrust manage to find the perfect combination of nootropic ingredients that can enhance your mental function and make you feel 100% everyday? Maybe! Take a look with us.

Does Brain Bright Work Well?

Not sure why Brain Bright made such a great first impression on us but kudos to the company’s marketing team for doing such a great job. As we moved over to see the supplement facts label, however, we knew that Brain Bright would not be able to overpower a potent formula like Nitrovit’s. Here are some of Brain Bright’s top choices…

  • Riboflavin: A form of Vitamin B that helps the function of other vitamins, maintains good hormone levels and ensures proper nerve communication. Although riboflavin is a great nutrient in itself, we don’t see why it’s particularly necessary to make it apart of a nootropic stack. Your multi-vit should be taken separately to your cognitive enhancing supplement.
  • Ginkgo biloba leaf extract: BioTrust knows that enhanced blood flow to the brain equals to sharper thinking, better information processing and improved concentration. Ginkgo is a good choice to improve blood stimulation but it certainly is not the best. There are plenty of other options in the market that, although may be more costly, works far more effectively.
  • Rhodiola rosea extract: Will improve your mood, get rid of fatigue and make you feel more alert. This extract is great for absolutely everyone.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Think of this as Brain Bright’s version of caffeine. Acetyl-L-Carninite will promote sharper awareness and get rid of those sluggish feelings.
Brain Bright Review,

Brain Bright’s BioTrust’s Supplement Facts

Compare the above-mentioned list to our top-rated product’s formula and you will see just how much of a difference there is. Creating the perfect nootropic supplement is extremely challenging and can take years of trial and error to achieve. While Brain Bright is not the worst product we’ve seen, it’s also not the best.

Summary of Brain Bright by BioTrust

There are a lot of great things to say about Brain Bright, such as the product’s affordable price and the company’s money-back guarantee. Besides, the bottle is sold for $49 a month, which is a little bit cheaper than the average price. But don’t you want the best? As you look for a good cognitive enhancer, what type of benefits are you looking to receive? Would you like to have a sharper mental edge that allows you to think faster and more efficiently than those around you? Would you like greater focus abilities that make you stay productive for hours on end? Would you like to gain a boost of mental energy that will stop you from getting that mid-day laziness? Would you like to have reduced anxiety so that your mind is at a state that’s ready to tackle through any problem that comes your way? If your answer was “yes” to most or all of the questions above then we would recommend that you checkout what we think is the Smartest Choice out of all the brain pills in the market, Nitrovit.

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