Brain Alert Review: An Affordable Supplement

Ginko Brain Alert ReviewBrain Alert is one of the simplest supplements that we have reviewed. It focuses on just a few key active ingredients, and it includes these in high quantities so that the brain receives a noticeable benefit. As the name suggests, Brain Alert does contain a stimulant – guarana. Guarana, as you know, is just another source of humankind’s favorite stimulant – caffeine. The guarana seed is an excellent source of caffeine, and most varieties contain twice the amount of caffeine as coffee beans of the same size. However, the area that Brain Alert focuses mostly on is memory. The memory boosting ingredient that Brain Alert contains is gingko biloba, a proven solution. Besides ginkgo biloba and guarana, Brain Alert contains ginseng root, a healthy extract that aids the brain and body.

A Simple but Effective Solution

Brain Alert does not try to over-hype its own product. It comes in a simple white, black, red, and blue box, calling itself a memory enhancer. With the large amount of ginkgo biloba found in this supplement, memory will definitely be helped from regular use. Red Seal, the manufacturers of Brain Alert have settled on a simple but effective solution for people who want to boost brain performance. Those who take Brain Alert can expect to experience the short-term focusing effects of gurana with the long-term brain building and memory retention of ginkgo biloba.

The Right Price

Brain Alert continues with its simple approach to the supplement market by being priced at just $10.81 for a 15-30 day supply (30 pills). This makes Brain Alert one of the cheapest supplements we have reviewed. Do not expect to receive enormous nootropic benefits from taking Brain Alert; however, you will feel an increase in focus and memory.