BodyQuick Review: A Veteran in the Cognitive Enhancement Industry

BodyQuick ReviewIf you are reading our reviews, you are probably aware of BodyQuick. This famous supplement was started by Tim Ferriss, notable author of 4-Hour Week, 4-Hour Chef, and 4-Hour Body. A lot of people will be convinced to try BodyQuick simply because they believe they can become as productive and successful as Tim Ferriss. However, it is important to note that Ferriss has not operated or been involved with BodyQuick for years.

The Reasons Why BodyQuick Is an Excellent Choice

BodyQuick contains a proven formula that was revolutionary back when the supplement debuted in 2001. Research into nootropics was just starting to gain traction in popular science, and BodyQuick was a pioneer product back then. Fast forward 13 years later, and BodyQuick has been surpassed by new supplements that have come out in just the last few years. As the science has gotten more precise, the formulations have as well. The new team behind BodyQuick did not want to change a proven formula, so they kept it the same. This formula includes choline, vinpocetine, salix alba, and niacinamide. New cognitive supplements also contain these ingredients, but the way the substances are bound together and mixed has improved, allowing newer supplements to deliver a very precise amount of the active ingredients.

Who Should Take BodyQuick?

BodyQuick is a great supplement for those who want the peace of mind that comes from taking a proven formula over 10 years old. If there were any issues with this formulation, people would have found them by now, and there have been no serious health issues related to use of BodyQuick.

Is BodyQuick the best cognitive enhancer out there? No, it is lacking in the effectiveness category. Is it a safe, solid choice for those interested in getting into the nootropics world? Yes, you will not get hurt by using this supplement. As a result, BodyQuick is one of our recommended supplements.

You can purchase BodyQuick online or from supplement suppliers across the United States. It costs $49.95 for a bottle that contains 45 servings (90 pills).