ADDTabz Review: An Expensive Stimulant Lacking the Long-Term Benefits of Others

the ADDtabz supplement bottleADDTabz is one of the most popular over-the-counter supplements for those looking to increase their mental abilities.

Most desired by college students and young professionals trying to get an edge, ADDTabz is easy to find in corner markets and convenience stores around university campuses in the United States.

Backed by a sturdy marketing campaign and social media presence, it is clear that Gentech Pharmaceutical, the makers of ADDTabz, is targeting its key demographic of 18 – 30 year olds. While this may be smart marketing, just how smart does ADDTabz make the people who take it regularly?

Could this be the brain supplement that we decide to rate higher than the mighty NITROvit?

Being a student in university is a phase that some of us go through. Student life is filled with challenges such as communicating with people, making friends, joining a fraternity, and most importantly keeping up with courses and lectures.

Passing most reputable universities is no easy feat which requires students to have clear focus during their study period on campus.

With lots of distractions, it’s easy to forget things and can be a potential pitfall for these students.

That is why many students try to find a way to improve their cognitive memory to keep up with semester grades.

Many of these students hear many great claims about nootropics from other students, which only sparks their interest to try one themselves.

One particular nootropic that is popular among students is ADDTabz. But why…?

Taking a closer look…

The first thing we did was go straight to their website. The first impression we got from browsing their website was “wow!”.

They present their website in a very neat fashion and is quite informative, especially for students.

What caught our eye the first time were the four points they mentioned: “improves memory and learning, enhances cognitive ability, improves total brain function, reduces anxiety and improves mood” as well as mentioning that they are “The Adderall Alternative”.

Even more, they provided a side by side comparison with Adderall. “Great!” we thought. Let’s see if they really live up to their word.

Other information we got from their website included the fact that this nootropic is a non-prescription supplement meaning we can legally purchase it over the counter.

They claim that the supplement contains ingredients approved by the FDA.

We were actually put-off by the fact that the website did not include any solid information regarding the supplement’s active ingredients. The only thing we could find was “Ampheta-CDP”.

We would have expected that a professional company like this would at least display some information regarding the supplement’s contents.

Company information

We also found that this supplement is manufactured by Lexium International™.

This group claims to be the leading designer in pharmacological alternatives to provide quality and safe products.

Their emphasis is mainly research, but their own website says they are also supplement manufacturers.

Based in the United States and the U.K, they have been in operation for around 25 years.

Their primary focus is leaned towards weight loss, ADD/ADHD, Diabetes, anxiety, and stress-relief.

That was mostly all the useful information we could find about this group. We had wished we could know more about them.

Looking at ADDTabz way of providing Lexium’s information, we begin to realize that they are of the same group.

As we dug around for more information on their website, we came across their FAQ page.

A lot of claims have been made without any real scientific proof except for comparisons between Adderall. They only really answer simple questions aimed towards students.

We do understand that their main market segment would be for students, but there are others who use this who are not students.

After a while we became bitterly disappointed by the fact that there was really nothing useful on their website. Not even a customer review or comment is given, let alone the solid ingredients.

What are these guys hiding? 

If they claim to be “safe” then why not show their active ingredients on their website like the rest of the nootropic competitors?

When we searched for ADDTabz reviews around the internet, not a lot of solid reviews were found.

We came across one or two that were quite extensive, but they were also quite negative. The positive reviews came from product supported websites, and they didn’t even bother to include the person’s name.

Even worse, they do not mention how much these brain supplements cost. As students, we want to know these things!

So far, our research all has led to dead ends. Everything we’ve found has been quite disappointing.

Our only real lead here is the keyword “Ampheta-CDP”. Now we have something to work with.

So what is Ampheta-CDPcomposed of?

Well again, we found no information as to how many units of each substance were used in Ampheta-CDP.

All the searches we found all lead to websites that are run and managed by the same company who manufactures ADDTabz.

But so far we found the core ingredients to be Octopamine-HCL, Methyl Synephrine, Choline CDP, and anhydrous 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthinei.

Unfortunately, no other ingredients are mentioned. This only arouses our suspicion.

A deep dive into ADDtabz ingredients

Focusing on the main ingredients, here’s what we found. First, Octopamine-HCL is used as an energy booster.

Apparently, it’s also an effective weight loss supplement as it promotes weight loss. Naturally, it’s found in the bitter orange plant. We can expect increased heart rates by consuming this which contributes to wakefulness. Those with high blood pressure should not use this composition with other stimulants.

Next, we have Methyl Synephrine. This component is a deviation of Synephrine. Synephrine itself originates naturally from the leaves of citrus plants. Once again, Methyl Synephrine is commonly used to promote weight loss or providing energy.

As with Octopamine-HCL, this substance also increases your heart rate for about an hourii. We couldn’t really find a lot of information regarding this except that Methyl Synephrine is generally safe to use in small amounts.

This leaves us with Choline CDP and Anhydrous 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine. Choline CDP is also known as Citicoline. These as a supplement alone is known to increase dopamine receptor densities and helps prevent memory impairment.

Recent research has shown that Choline CDP is helpful in improving focus and mental energy. Daily dosages of Choline CDP can range from 1000mg to 2000mg alone and is considered safe.

Last we have anhydrous 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine. This is just a fancy name for caffeine including anhydrous which means “no water”. Everybody knows the benefits and drawbacks of caffeine itself and really needs no explanation.

A Potentially Dangerous Stimulant?

ADDTabz is made up of Gentech’s own special blend that they call Ampheta-CDP, which is named after the active ingredient in Adderall, amphetamine.

ADDTabz’s goal seems to replicate the effects of Adderall, but the only similarity between the two is that they both stimulate the brain and cause an instant boost in alertness.

The difference is that Adderall had billions of dollars put into its research and development, while ADDTabz has had no apparent R&D done on it.

The Ampheta-CDP blend that is found in ADDTabz is potentially dangerous since these chemicals can coat the brain’s receptors, rendering them unable to accept the brain’s own natural chemical releases.

Summary of ADDtabz

Based on the information we have accumulated, we have decided to come up with the conclusion that ADDTabz is not something we will recommend.

A lot of unclear information regarding the amount of key and minor ingredients is one contributing factor that steers us clear from this nootropic.

Furthermore, with an uninformative website, we expect this product’s company to take the nootropic business more seriously if they want to earn our trust.

Other facts include a rather weak composition of the supplement itself. It’s like mixing orange juice and coffee to only raise our heart rate and because of that, it increases our alertness for a short period of time (which is relatively weak if you ask us).

Finally, no clear price is mentioned so we can expect high prices from this brand.

We give this product a mark of 39%.

Our advice is that you seek out other recommended products that have a lasting effect at a clear and affordable price. ADDTabz just doesn’t cut it for us.


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