AddieUp Review – Does this Nootropic really give memory support and burn fat?

Smart Pill Comparison Score for AddieUp: 80%

Addieup nootropic brain supplement bottle.

AddieUp is one of the products that we’ve been able to see quite often on many social media sites.

Their marketing strategy has obviously put them out there.

Seen on many places like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, it seems like AddieUp is the kid in school who’s always trying to get all the attention.

He’s got his hands in the air, shouting, “Hey guys, look at me!”

They’re everywhere, and we can’t help but notice AddieUp in almost every corner that we look for nootropic supplements.

As one of the more in-your-face nootropics, we had to give it a chance. We’ve seen some reviews on it on the internet as well, but it’s been a mixed bag.

However, in the search for the absolute best available out there, we can’t leave any stone unturned. 

And we’re always looking to see if there is anything out there that can beat our long-reigning champion Nitrovit

What does it claim to do?

AddieUp’s website is quite nice. Although it isn’t really the neatest or the most aesthetic out there, they’re really good at being able to list all of their information there.

Although it might take you some effort, you’ll be able to find all the information regarding AddieUp just on their website.

AddieUp claims to:

–          Burn fat

–          Supreme energy

–          Appetite suppressant

–          Mental clarity

–          Memory Support

–          Powerful antioxidants

AddieUp claims to be able to do all of these things and more. What we’re quite interested in, is some of the claims about burning fat and their supreme energy, which is due to their inclusion of Guarana and Caffeine, as well as other ingredients.

While we may say that this wouldn’t be a smart move, we’ve seen a caffeine supplement before that worked exceptionally well with its counterpart, so we’re giving it a chance.

Does it really do it?

At the beginning of our tests, we were actually quite surprised regarding how well AddieUp worked. Much to our satisfaction, AddieUp really did deliver on all of its claims.

The majority of us experienced higher focus and learning ability, which was more evident towards taking AddieUp continuously for a week.

However, what was we were actually burning some fat. While this was good for some, a few of us, who were already quite lean, did not enjoy this as much.

The bad thing we eventually found out, was that although AddieUp was quite good, the effects started to drop after a while.

It was simply not as effective after the first month, the effects simply started to taper off.

Quite sad, really. We really did expect a lot from it, especially after the first week or two.

What makes it different?

Obviously, one of the most noticeable things that make AddieUp different is the fat burning effects, which to be honest, aren’t really found in many other products.

Again, we believe that there could be positives and negatives to this. Some might love the effect, but those who aren’t really looking to lose weight might not feel the same way.

As mentioned, some of us who were already really lean didn’t like losing even more of their already low weight.

Additionally, although it’s not as uncommon anymore, AddieUp contains caffeine.

This should be noted, especially to those who are caffeine intolerant or simply do not like its effects.

Could it be better?

We believe that it can be. We really liked AddieUp. However, the problem with it was that it simply did not last for long.

Meaning, the effects were great for only the first few weeks, after which the effects seemed to taper off.

Separating caffeine from AddieUp might also be a good idea, or at least offering AddieUp in a caffeine-less version.

Although we do not have anyone here at that is intolerant to caffeine, there are definitely a few out there that are.

Caffeine is great, it boosts focus and increases motivation. However, it just isn’t for everyone.

AddieUp is a good brain enhancer. The effects are very nice, but again, they are very specialized as well.

Some people might not be looking for fat loss, and some might not be looking for caffeine either.

There are a few hiccups, but with minor improvements, it could really be as good as it claims to be.

What we recommend…

If you are someone that loves to try a long list of nootropic supplements to experiment with the benefits yourself then this might be one for you to try as there is an upside within the first few weeks.

However, if you are looking for a long term solution, we recommend that you try one of our top-rated products that offer great value for money such as Nitrovit or Optimind.

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