5 Ways to a Sharper Mind

5 Ways to a Sharper MindWith the rise of the knowledge age, more and more people are looking for solutions to their under-performing brains. It is not that everyone has gotten less smart; rather, the demand for instant, high quality analysis has become the norm. If you want to keep up with others, you need to stay in shape – mental shape. While most people take part in some sort of physical exercise in order to keep their bodies fit, it is becoming more and more common to have competitive professionals take part in normal mental exercises to achieve a sharper mind. This post will detail 7 ways you can sharpen your mental skills now.

  1.  Supplement your Brain’s Needs. There is no doubt anymore that the brain is much more powerful than anyone once thought. Have you ever heard that we only use 20% of our brain? The bottleneck that keeps the brain from performing at a fuller capacity is the lack of brain nutrients. These nutrients come in the form of natural nootropic ingredients that boost receptor sites for certain enzymes. None of the available solutions will turn you into a genius, but taking the right supplement will make you feel like you feel on your best day.
  2.  More Exercise. One of the negative aspects of the knowledge age is that more and more people are sitting down for hours on end. Combat this by finding some sort of exercise you enjoy. People who need mental stimulation along with physical challenge may find that some sport is optimal. However, if you just cannot seem to find a sport you like, then you might like our third item on the list.
  3.  Have More Sex. Scientists have shown that sex is very good for you. Not only does it get your heart rate up high, not many people do not enjoy doing this activity, which makes it easier than going to the gym every day.
  4.  Eat More Fish. When humans started incorporating fish into their diet, our mortality rates dropped and life expectancy increased significantly. Just avoid eating too much of the mercury-absorbing fish like tuna. Once a week is probably the limit.
  5.  Sleep Enough, But Not Too Much. Getting enough sleep allows the brain cells to repair themselves and perform well the next day. However, scientists have discovered that sleeping more than 8 hours per day is also detrimental to your health.

By following this advice, you will enjoy decades of top mental performance.

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